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By registering on the site to access our volunteer projects you agree to our Terms of Use for the website are stated below.

Terms of Use of Living Levels GIS Portal

As a user of the portal you agree to:

  • Conduct myself responsibly and with respect to others in regard to any language used or comments made on this website
  • Acknowledge the Living Levels Project in all published images derived from the data (including both printed work and social media)
  • Not use the data on this website for commercial purposes without prior consent of the Living Levels Project
  • Not trespass on private land without express permission from the landowner(s) as part of any investigation or activity based on the data contained in this website

Any questions regarding the use of Living Levels GIS portal, including requests for commercial purposes, should be directed to the Portal Manager, Rebecca Bennett. Our GDPR Statement, which covers what data we hold for you and how it will be used can be accessed here.

You can change de-register at any time by contacting the Portal Manager and asking to be removed.

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