Volunteer with us!

If you are looking for an opportunity to contribute to the heritage and future of the Gwent Levels and you happen to love maps and history as much as we do, take a look at our volunteer roles listed below.

Map the 1830s Landscape!
Join our citizen science project to give locations to thousands of field records from the Court of Sewers maps. The Living Levels RATS volunteers have painstakingly transcribed the records of who owned each field in the Levels in 1830, now we need to add to locations to these records so that we can make a searchable map.

The task is very simple, you don’t need any previous experience and anyone can have a go! You can download instructions to get started here or watch or how-to video below.

Looking at Lidar in the Levels!
Our citizen science mapping project aims to enhance the local historic record by completing the first full transcription of the lidar data for the Gwent levels. Lidar is a fantastic resource that allows us to identify many subtle surface features that remain as traces of past human activity in the landscape. After completing our training course all you need is a sharp pair of eyes and our monument dictionary, and you’ll be set to reveal the secrets of the lidar data.

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